If you wish to make a bequest to Go Gentle Australia, it is important to include the correct wording in your will:


I give to Go Gentle Australia (ABN 61 613 668 643):

Ο The rest and residue of my Estate or

Ο _________ percent of my Estate or

Ο _________ percent of the residue of my Estate or

Ο The sum of  $_________________________

free of all duties and testamentary expenses for its general purposes and
I direct that the receipt of that organisation shall be sufficient discharge
to my executors for this bequest.


While you can write your own will, we strongly advise you to engage a legal professional who can ensure all details and considerations have been taken into account. This is especially the case if you wish to consider an endowment. You can find a solicitor through The Law Society of NSW.

Should you like to discuss this further, please contact us on 0468 646 360 or email office@gogentleaustralia.org.au and we will be in touch with you.