5. Assisting a dying person to die is not 'patient killing'.


Those who oppose this law refer to Voluntary Assisted Dying as 'patient killing' or 'state sanctioned killing'.

This dishonestly avoids the central fact that the law is to help those already being killed by an incurable disease. Being voluntary, it is entirely up to the patient whether or not they choose to end the suffering caused by that disease.

Nor are doctors being asked to 'kill' a patient. In reality, what they're being asked to do is what they already do - make a careful diagnosis that a patient's condition is terminal and their suffering intolerable and go through with them their treatment options.

If the patient meets the legal requirements for assistance to die, they write them a prescription for a life-ending medication. After that, it is up to the person whether or not they use it.

Only one person is being asked to make a life and death decision: the person who is dying.