Campaign Update


My name is Kass (with Sir Elmo Pug) – I’m living with cancer. As a Victorian – from June 2019, once the Voluntary Assisted Dying law is implemented, I’ll have a choice. But my fellow Australians in other states and territories don’t have this choice. Please help change this - click here to support our campaign.


Our campaign is rapidly approaching the halfway mark and we're at just over $14,000.

Thanks to everyone who already donated. You are among the majority of Australians who believe in sensible, humane laws that can reduce the suffering of terminally ill people and their families. It was people like you who helped pass the law in Victoria.

While this is great news, we're still a little bit away from the $25,000 target. 

Please help me reach our target by doing at least one of the below:

1.   Donate now here:

We've added some options so now you can use also Apple Pay, a credit card stored in your browser or Paypal.

2.   Phone a friend and ask them to donate.

Tell them this is an important cause that is close to your heart and you'd really appreciate their support. Then ask them to phone their friends! Copy and paste this link into a message: so you can forward it to your friends.

3.   Share, share, share - on Facebook and Twitter via the buttons on our Chuffed campaign page.

Another easy way to share is simply forwarding this email to all your contacts.  Or copy and paste this link: 
and send it to your friends via text, iMessage, Whatsapp, Messenger, carrier pigeon or even "snail mail".

Even if you've done it already, please do it again. Sometimes you need to ask friends a few times.

If you (or your friends) prefer to donate via a friendly human, please call me on 0468 464 360.

Have a great week and thanks for your support. Together we can right this wrong and help write these laws.

Best wishes


Kiki Paul

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Go Gentle Australia is a registered charity. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.