Following all other states adopting Voluntary Assisted Dying laws, NSW Independent MP Alex Greenwich is now putting forward his bill for NSW. This builds on the extensive inquiries and reviews undertaken in Victoria, Western Australia and Queensland.

The bill delivers a framework that has strong safeguards and will be completely voluntary: for patients, doctors and nurses. Operating alongside palliative care, no-one would be forced to take part. A voluntary assisted dying law would also ensure doctors no longer operate in a legal grey area when it comes to assisted dying, and that the vulnerable are provided with greater protection.

You can find the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2021 pre-introduction draft > HERE

and a Flow Chart Table of the Proposed VAD Process > HERE.

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Once the draft Bill has been tabled in Parliament, we will be preparing a letter of support to members of parliament, similar to a letter that was sent to Victorian parliamentarians when the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill was being debated. Before sending out any such letter, we will consult with you before adding your name.

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