E-Petition for Queensland

 VoicesforChangeVAD.JPGA passionate group of Queenslanders, united under the name Voices for Change Voluntary Assisted Dying, recently launched a Parliamentary E-Petition on End of life choices and voluntary assisted dying.

The minister must respond to a petition within 30 days. The more signatures, the more powerful the message. The goal is to collect 10,000 signatures.

The aim of the petition is "to ask the House to start in inquiry by the Health Committee into better end of life choices and voluntary assisted dying, no later than October 2018 to allow debate and submissions and tabling of a bill within this term of government. 80-85% of Queenslanders want greater choice when it comes to managing their end of life choices which include better palliative care and voluntary assisted dying. "

Please note:

  • you must be a Queensland resident to be able to sign the petition;

  • closing date is 20 August 2018.

Note: this is an E-Petition which is signed electronically only (no paper involved).