Photo: Rich Turley

Give Australians like Janet a choice

When Janet Cohen was diagnosed with incurable lung cancer, she knew she didn’t want to suffer the drawn-out, painful death she’d seen people close to her endure.  

She decided that when the time was right, she would travel to Switzerland with her loved ones for a voluntary assisted death. Now COVID-19 has made international travel exceptionally difficult and potentially robbed Janet of even that option.

Like too many Australians, Janet is frustrated by the lack of choice she has over her own body and her own life. She has appreciated the many choices she has been able to make throughout her life – but now cannot legally choose an assisted death in NSW.

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In mid-2019, Voluntary Assisted Dying became a legal option in Victoria. Medical oncologist Dr Cameron McLaren says the dozens of cases he's been involved in "have been overwhelmingly positive".

While there has been movement in other states, there is still a lot of work to be done. The denial of choice causes terrible and unnecessary distress to people like Janet and their families.

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Give more Australians the right to choose.


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