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Give terminally ill Australians a choice

Peace. Closure. Relief.

These are the words medical oncologist Dr Cameron McLaren uses to describe the experience of helping terminally ill Victorians end their lives under that state's landmark Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) scheme.

Dr McLaren says:

“The cases I’ve been involved in have been overwhelmingly positive. They've relieved suffering and given the family a moment of closure to say goodbye to their loved one.”


We all deserve the right to go gently – with love and dignity, not fear and distress. Yet unless you live in Victoria (or from next year in Western Australia) and meet the strict criteria, you are still denied this choice.

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Since Voluntary Assisted Dying became a legal option in Victoria, Dr McLaren says the dozens of cases he's been involved in "have been overwhelmingly positive".

He says he has seen an enormous shift in his patients’ anxiety. Not everyone chooses an assisted death, but the palliative effect of having the right to do so is profound.

“The partner of one patient told me, ‘He perked up so much. He feels he's being listened to and respected. He has hope he won’t be forced to live through something he doesn't want.’

“It's a great relief to people who are facing the great unknown. Not knowing how you will die is very frightening. Now people have the comfort of knowing they can have some control.”

While there has been movement in other states to introduce VAD laws, there is still a lot of work to be done. The denial of choice causes terrible and unnecessary distress to people living with a terminal illness and their families.

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Give more Australians the right to choose.


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