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2021 is a watershed year for end of life choice in Australia

2021 is shaping up as Australia's year for Voluntary Assisted Dying. For the first time, we have the opportunity to legalise voluntary assisted dying in every state.

Four states have passed laws and Queensland and NSW are debating bills this year. 

Please help us achieve compassionate voluntary assisted dying laws for all Australians.

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More than 12 million Australians now have a choice not to suffer if they are terminally ill.

But more than half of us still do not have the compassionate laws we may one day need.

Your gift today will help give terminally ill Australians like Rhys a greater choice at the end of life.


Rhys Habermann in sky diving harness

Rhys' Story

Liz Habermann's 19-year-old son Rhys took his own life in January 2017 with his parents by his side. In the final stages of terminal bone cancer and suffering excruciating pain, Rhys desperately wanted to take back control of his own life and the circumstances of his death.

Denied access to legal medical assistance to die, he filmed his last message to protect his family from the risk of police prosecution for assisting his suicide.

“I believe in my right to die by my own choosing. This is tough for everybody but I refuse to go through palliative care, after experiencing a little bit of it this last week,” Rhys said in the video.

“It’s more painful than I could have ever imagined.”

It took 18 months for the Habermanns to be formally cleared of any involvement in Rhys’s death. His family is now part of the campaign to introduce voluntary assisted dying laws around Australia to spare others the same anguish. 

Liz says: "As a mother, it broke my heart that I couldn’t protect Rhys from this suffering. A Voluntary Assisted Dying law could have given him back choice and control."

Please support Go Gentle Australia. Your generous donation will help create the research information and educational materials required to convince parliaments of the need for compassionate voluntary assisted dying laws.


Liz Habermann hold a sign reading 'Rhys Habermann, freedom & change.'

Pictured above Liz Habermann (photo: Roy Vandervegt)

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