Financial matters

A serious illness often has financial consequences. While palliative care costs are generally covered by either Medicare or private health insurance, there are a lot of other financial matters that may need to be considered, including what happens after you or a loved one will have passed away. 

Cost of Care & Financial Resources

Palliative care is generally covered, but additional services, therapies and equipment may not be so it's good to always ask if there's any cost involved. 

If you have a carer, they may be eligible for a carer payment. 

You may qualify for a certain benefit from Centrelink, such as a sickness allowance, a disability support pension or a concession card.

More information can be found via:

Australian Government Carer Gateway - 1800 422 737

Australian Department of Human Services (Centrelink) - 132 717

Financial advice

Proper financial advice can provide great peace of mind. When engaging a financial adviser, make sure they are licenced by looking them up on the ASIC website (see below). A licenced financial planner may to be to help with advice on Centrelink benefits, superannuation, insurances, investments and estate planning. 

More information can be found via:

ASIC Moneysmart  - dealing with illness

ASIC Moneysmart - check a financial adviser

ASIC Moneysmart - losing your partner

Centrelink Financial Information Service - 132 000

Financial Counselling Australia - 1800 007 007

Association of Financial Advisers

Financial Planning Association of Australia