Fundraising campaign

My name is Kass – I’m a teacher, an artist, I’m nearly a lawyer. I’m a wife, a daughter, a sister, and since I was a child I’ve been living with cancer. I’ve been living my life and fighting this disease for a long time, and I will continue fight with everything I’ve got.

But one of the great comforts to me, in not knowing what the future holds, is that if all the fighting is done and the end is inevitable - I’ll have a choice.

I don’t want to die, but if it comes to it, I don’t want to die in intolerable pain and suffering. As a Victorian – from June 2019, once the Voluntary Assisted Dying law is implemented, I’ll have a choice. But my fellow Australians in other states and territories don’t have this choice. Please help change this - click here to support our campaign.


Last year’s campaign in Victoria was a great success. Go Gentle Australia contributed to the passing of the first Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill for a state. But we would like all Australians to have access to this law.

Despite public opinion sitting consistently on over 80% support, believe it or not, there is well funded and determined opposition to this compassionate law – and they spread fake news – relying heavily on fear, uncertainty and doubt. We’re here to discredit their case by presenting the facts. We collect evidence and heart breaking real stories that help educate our MPs about why Voluntary Assisted Dying laws are important. We use every last dollar from our donations from the public to make that possible.

Let me be blunt: we need money to keep the organisation running. That’s why we’re running an end of tax year appeal.

We can’t defend the gains, like the Victorian laws, nor get ready for the next fight, like the coming campaign in WA, without your support. The more people who get involved in this campaign, the more we can do to influence politicians, replace fear and untruth with the facts, and give more people the choice and rights they should have. We’ve achieved so much already, but to really win, we need more good people onside and more support.

Please help GGA keep up the momentum by donating to our end of financial year appeal now. Here’s the link to the Chuffed campaign page:

And please, take your impact even further by sharing the campaign as widely as possible.

Together we can right this wrong and help write these laws, and help end the suffering of terminally ill people.

Thanks so much for your help.

Best wishes


Kiki Paul