MP Look-up Tool

Why contact your State MPs?

With Voluntary Assisted Dying laws already in place in Victoria and Western Australia, there is now pressure on other States to consider their own legislation.

Use this tool to look up the contact details of your MPs in Tasmania, Queensland, South Australia and New South Wales. Let your representatives know you want them to support safe and effective voluntary assisted dying bills in your state.

Note: details for Tasmania's MPs are being updated following recent by-elections and should be available again after mid August.

Not sure what to say? No problem, we've put together an MP pack that will give you some tips. 

Contact Your MP Guide

For further tips and suggestions, we have compiled a list of PDF resources to help you contact your MP. Download the complete set here, or for individual PDFs use the links below.

We also have a range of resources and publications available on our Resources page.

It's essential to include your name and at the very least your postcode when contacting your MP, so they know you are one of THEIR constituents. 

Why contact your Federal MPs?

The ACT and Northern Territory are currently banned from considering voluntary assisted dying legislation. 

Regardless of what state or territory you live in, please contact your Federal MPs to encourage them to support moves to repeal the Commonwealth Euthanasia Laws Act 1997, which prohibits the ACT and NT from debating and passing their own bills on voluntary assisted dying.

If you're in Victoria or Western Australia, you can use our tool to find your Federal MPs only.


Help call for Voluntary Assisted Dying legislation

Please phone or write to your MPs now and urge them to act to offer choice at the end of life and to stop the suffering.

Enter your details below to find your MPs and how to reach them. We will also send the results of your search to your inbox.