How to contact your MP

Why contact my MP?

Contacting your MP is the single most powerful thing you can do to make voluntary assisted dying legal in your state.

Your personal experiences will win MPs' hearts and minds - reminding them why voluntary assisted dying laws are so important.

Remember - your MP works for you. They represent you and want to know what matters most to the people living in their state and electorate. They might be busy - but they, or someone from their office, will make the time to listen to you. It's their job.

How do I contact my MP?

You can write, email or phone your MP. Even better, you can ask for a meeting.

Use the form on the right to find out your MP's name and contact details. Then ask them to support voluntary assisted dying laws in your state.

Remember to include your name and postcode so they know you're one of their constituents, as well as your contact details so they can get back to you.

Not sure what to say?

If you're in Queensland, please download our free QLD Advocate Pack and take a look at our Queensland page.

For all other areas, look at our MP Pack to get started.

You can find further resources on our website here.



You have state and federal MPs. It's worth contacting both if you have the time. Only your federal representatives have the power to change the law on assisted dying in the Northern Territory and the ACT. In Queensland and NSW, please focus on your State MPs as they will be debating a bill soon.

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