Newsletter October 2018

Late September, the Victorian Government released the Voluntary Assisted Dying Regulations 2018 to support the Voluntary Assisted Dying Act 2017. While the ACT speaks to the legislation of Voluntary Assisted Dying, the REGULATIONS set out how the legislation will operateThe regulations also include prescribed forms for voluntary assisted dying permits and permit applications, as well as for labelling statements for a voluntary assisted dying substance.

This is an important step as it makes the law that much harder to repeal, should the Labor government not be returned at the upcoming November elections. 

The Better Health Channel of the Victorian Government has now published its website for Voluntary Assisted Dying, which outlines the most frequently asked questions.



Channel 9 program 60 Minutes interviewed Dr Alida Lancee, a GP from Perth, about her admission she had helped a suffering patient die. The story also features WA Dr Frank Kotai and Dr Rodney Syme. Her story was first published in The Damage Done, a collection of 72 testimonies that describe with horrifying clarity the damage being done across Australia in the absence of a law for voluntary assisted dying. Watch the story online.


The WA Government is still considering its response to the report of the Western Australian Joint Select Committee on End of Life Choices. Unnecessary suffering at end of life, and broad community agreement regarding individual autonomy, form the basis for the Committee’s recommendation that the Western Australian Government draft and introduce a Bill for Voluntary Assisted
Dying. The Committee also recommended a Bill be drafted in consultation with a panel of experts. 

If you live in WA please contact your local MP today to strongly encourage the Government to put forward this legislation.



We received the heartbreaking story of Sian Briggs' father, whose violent death of cancer was far more terrible than anything she could have imagined. Read the story on our website.



Personal testimonies are a powerful way to make legislators understand the need for such laws. If you live in Western Australia and have a story, we invite you to share it with us via our secure website. If you prefer to chat with someone, contact us via and we will reach out. 

Thank you for your ongoing support.