Read: Dana Wortley MP's Speech In Favour Of The SA Bill

Ms WORTLEY ( Torrens ) ( 21:44 ): Tonight, we have heard from so many in this chamber from both sides of the voluntary euthanasia bill debate. I have read the many letters I have received, both for and against, from members of my community. I have spoken to so many of my constituents—health professionals, doctors, nurses, carers, members of community sports clubs, Rotary, Neighbourhood Watch groups, my family and extended family, and advocates from so many representative groups—both for and against voluntary euthanasia.

Like everyone here, I bring my own personal experiences. I have read the many articles written with great passion by those on both sides of the debate. I have discussed the bill with colleagues on both sides and spent many hours considering the previous bill and the one we now have before us. Whatever the outcome of this debate, the decision we make must not be one that puts vulnerable people at risk. The previous bill I could not support. Tonight, I will support this bill through the second reading and consider the amendments and the impact on the final bill.

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