Read: Frances Bedford MP's Speech In Favour Of The SA Bill

November 16, 2016

Ms BEDFORD ( Florey ) ( 22:07 ): 

I can truly say that I have listened to every contribution to the debate on every bill in the past year, and all I wish to add is that I believe voluntary euthanasia should be part of the suite of end of life treatments available to people, with the necessary checks and balances, of course. We pay great attention to all the opinions in the debate, and we will be looking at all the amendments that come before us, and again, I will be paying a great deal of attention to each of the amendments.

I would like to commend both the member for Ashford, in particular, and the member for Morphett for all their work on this bill. I remember very well perhaps the first bill that we ever dealt with that was a conscience bill on an issue such as this, which was the prostitution debate. I am sure that those of you who were here will remember the long hours that we spent on that and that we divided on almost every clause, something that may actually happen here in the next 24 to 48 hours.

At the very end of the debate the bill was lost and someone said to me, 'What a complete waste of time that was.' I want everyone to remember that that is how our democracy actually works. It is terrific that everyone has had something to say about this matter. This debate has been championed by a great many people, and I would just like to remember our dear friend, Mary Gallnor, here tonight.

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