Restoring Territory Rights (Assisted Suicide Legislation) Bill 2015

In just a few weeks the Senate will debate a bill to restore the rights of the Northern Territory and the ACT to make their own laws on assisted dying.

Starting 14 August 2018, the Restoring Territory Rights (Assisted Suicide Legislation) Bill 2015 will be debated in the Senate.

If passed, this bill will allow the parliaments of the ACT and the NT to consider legislation for Voluntary Assisted Dying, a right they currently do not have. As you may be aware, the NT was the first area in Australia to implement legislation in 1997, which was subsequently revoked by the Commonwealth.


We NEED your support! Please let ALL the Federal Senators in your State know that you would like them to support this legislation.

We want Senators to know that

  • Their voters feel strongly about voluntary assisted dying laws;
  • They feel just as strongly that Territory citizens should have the democratic right to decide these laws and not be second class citizens in their own country; 
  • They should be able to make their own decisions about health care at the end of life. 
  • We want them to support the Bill restoring Territories Rights.

It's easy to do: All you need is your address to look up your Senators, write your message and press SEND. It will only take a minute.


Please share this campaign with your friends and networks and ask them to take action. Together we can right this wrong and help write these laws.

Thank you for your support!