Show Your Support And #BeTheBill

Soon the South Australian Voluntary Euthanasia Bill 2016 will be debated in parliament. We want to remind politicians this is about real people who want a choice in how their life ends. That’s why we have launched a campaign - it's called Be The Bill.

The campaign is jointly backed by the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Association and Go Gentle Australia. Australia's nurses witness the suffering of patients and their families day in and day out. They are leading lobbying efforts for a law with strong checks and balances.  

Heading the campaign is 35 year old Port Pirie woman Kylie Monaghan, who has advanced cancer which has spread to her liver and bones. She is launching a personal appeal to South Australia parliamentarians who will soon vote on the Voluntary Euthanasia Bill 2016. Kylie wants politicians to look beyond the impersonal nature of the bill and remind them that their vote affects real people in real suffering. Which is why Kylie is going to be the first to make a change to the Bill - she's putting her own name in it.

At, whether you’re ill or not, you can create a personalised version of the Bill at the click of a button. This Bill is immediately sent to politicians as a symbol of support for those who face real suffering and who are seeking the compassionate choice of a peaceful death.

Be The Bill uses your Facebook information to create your personalised Bill. However, if you are not on Facebook but still want to have your voice heard by the politicians, please send your email of support to and we'll forward it on to all 69 South Australian parliamentarians.

Your voice needs to be heard, because it can remind politicians that no Australian should be left to die in unrelievable pain.

Show your support, and Be The Bill.

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