South Australians: Share Your Story

The absence of voluntary euthanasia legislation in Australia is causing widespread suffering and trauma across our communities. The South Australian Death With Dignity Bill 2016 is due to be debated this month, but despite strong safeguards, penalties and oversights, many South Australian MPs still oppose this legislation.

If you live in South Australia and have been impacted by this issue, we would be grateful to hear your story. We will collect them and send them to your state MP so they cannot ignore the real suffering that is taking place every day in the absence of this law.

We welcome all different formats: written, spoken or even video, for example recorded with a smartphone.

To share your story, please click here and enter your information.

Please include at the beginning of your story which state electorate you live in, so we can easily identify which MP to contact. Not sure which state electorate you live in? Click here and enter your address to find your electorate.

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