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The personal story behind the ACT's VAD law

ACT Human Rights Minister Tara Cheyne has revealed what drove her to tirelessly champion a voluntary assisted dying law for the territory.

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Telehealth and voluntary assisted dying: leave it to the doctors

OPINION: Telehealth should be available, when needed, to support all types of health care, including voluntary assisted dying, argues our CEO Dr Linda Swan.

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The inspiration behind a pioneering VAD hospice program

Bianca Hurle has a pioneering mission to make Rosehaven, a hospice in Victoria, a model for gentle and supportive voluntary assisted dying.

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Call for changes to Vic assisted dying law

Go Gentle Australia has called on the Victorian government to make urgent changes to the way Voluntary Assisted Dying services operate in the state.

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Assisted dying is different from suicide: but federal laws conflate them and restrict access to telehealth

Michaela Estelle Okninski, University of Adelaide; Marc TrabskyLa Trobe University; and Neera BhatiaDeakin University

Voluntary assisted dying is now lawful in every Australian state and will soon begin in the Australian Capital Territory. However, it’s illegal to discuss it via telehealth. That means people who live in rural and remote areas, or those who can’t physically go to see a doctor, may not be able to access the scheme.

A federal private members bill, introduced to parliament last week, aims to change this. So what’s proposed and why is it needed?

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Implications of voluntary assisted dying for advance care planning

Now that it is legal and available in all Australian states, it is inevitable that voluntary assisted dying will be raised in end-of-life discussions. But are health professionals ready?

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New push to remove VAD telehealth restrictions

Go Gentle Australia has welcomed a private member's bill that seeks to allow the use of Telehealth in voluntary assisted dying.

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South Australia marks one year of voluntary assisted dying

On the first anniversary of voluntary assisted dying in South Australia, the state’s independent oversight body says VAD is relieving suffering and providing choice at the end of life.

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Research centre’s conclusions about suicide rates and voluntary assisted dying laws don’t stack up

Drawing conclusions about changes in suicide rates based on the impact of a single, isolated factor is inherently flawed, as the Anscombe Bioethics Centre should know. So why has it weighed in on the debate about voluntary assisted dying in Australia?

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Safety and Quality Commission recognises VAD in end-of-life care statement

The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (ACSQHC) has included voluntary assisted dying (VAD) in its statement on the essential elements of end-of-life care, following calls by Go Gentle Australia.

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