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Voluntary assisted dying in NSW: What you need to know

From 28 November 2023, eligible terminally ill people in NSW will have access to voluntary assisted dying, marking a significant milestone for NSW residents and for Australia as a whole.

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Voluntary assisted dying is finally being considered in the ACT. How would it differ from state laws?

Ben White, Queensland University of Technology and Lindy Willmott, Queensland University of Technology

The first Australian Capital Territory voluntary assisted dying bill in more than 25 years was tabled in parliament yesterday.

This was possible after the Commonwealth lifted the ban on territories making laws about assisted dying in December last year. This meant the ACT and Northern Territory could join the six Australian states which have now passed voluntary assisted dying laws.

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MEDIA RELEASE: Anglican Church’s intent to coerce over assisted dying 'unethical and cruel'

An Anglican Church directive to aged care homes to actively dissuade residents from seeking voluntary assisted dying is coercion and should be condemned.

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AMA NSW urges amendments to Criminal Code Act

NSW doctors join calls to allow the use of telehealth in voluntary assisted dying discussions.

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You know I can’t do this existence anymore

After breaking her back at 53, battling breast cancer for 12 years, and enduring two hip replacements, Liz Holmes was in unbearable pain. All she wanted was the choice to die peacefully and without pain.


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Dying woman's plea to NSW MPs: 'Don't let me suffer'

Diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer, Siobhan O'Sullivan has a simple message to Upper House MPs: 'Give me the choice not to suffer'.

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NSW should have allowed my brother the choice to die with dignity

As a NSW resident, Mark Springer had to travel to Switzerland to die with dignity. His brother David says he is ashamed to live in a state that still refuses to give its citizens the peace of mind of an assisted death.

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The law robbed my mum of the death she wanted

Linda says he mother Margot's lingering decline from multiple sclerosis was a natural disaster, but the agonising nature of her death was entirely man-made.

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'I can't forgive MPs who vote against assisted dying'

Bertie Daniel was 15 when his father Lawrie, who was suffering with Multiple Sclerosis, took his own life in the absence of a voluntary assisted dying law in NSW. In a letter sent to politicians Bertie, now 21, shares his story and his family's ongoing trauma. Click here to sign his petition.

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He could utter only two words - 'inhumane' and 'help!'

When Tom Barry asked how he was going to die from his metastatic facial cancer doctors said it could involve choking, pneumonia, skin eruptions, stroke and bleeding. Denied access to a voluntary assisted dying law in NSW, the reality was far worse.

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