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'This suffering is just plain wrong'

Ari Levanael watched his dad Barry die a slow and painful death "drugged out of his mind" in palliative care in Sydney. Ari says: “The laws on Voluntary Assisted Dying need to be changed in NSW and the rest of the country so people with a terminal illness can die with a sense of grace and dignity.

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I have MND. I know what lies ahead for me

My greatest hope is that people in New South Wales will see the sense in voluntary assisted dying and help so many people put an end to their needless suffering. I know that if I am still here, I will be the first in line.

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I am furious that others should dictate the way I die

Dear Member of Parliament, on Voluntary Assisted Dying I feel it very important to ask you to represent the majority of your constituents and vote “YES” for legalisation.

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I have no option but to travel

It's six years since I was diagnosed with lung cancer and still hard to believe how this could have happened to me, a very healthy, 60-year-old non-smoker.

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Keith Potger

Australian music legend Keith Potger has lent his support to calls for voluntary assisted dying to be legalised in Western Australia.

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Harl Hogan, Gabrielle's husband

My husband and I had been Members of Dying With Dignity (NSW) for thirty years. We had fifty years of marriage accompanied by good health, until the very end of my husband's life, and his awful death in our local hospital, over two and a half years ago, just before his 94th birthday. 

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Margaret's mother

My mother passed away in 2002 at age of 82.

She was an asthmatic from 6 months of age & never smoked. She suffered a collapsed lung in her early 50s and later in life she developed emphysema. Over the years she experienced a very gradual reduction in respiratory functioning and in her final two years she was admitted to a nursing home, as Dad was unable to care for her at home.

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L.P.'s mother, Joyce

My mother Joyce was born 18th January 1927 and passed 16 February 2016.

Mum was a very quiet but strong person - never complained when she was ill.

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My mum, Betty Swanton

I am exasperated, devastated, and relieved. I’ve experienced these emotions during the recent death of my mother.

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Tim Cooper

I’ve been suffocating for two years. I was diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (lung disease that prevents proper breathing) at the age of 57 and I also have cirrhosis of the liver.

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