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The McBryde family

Our beautiful Mum, Beryl, passed away just before midnight on Wednesday 31 July, 2019 aged 85 from cancer. My two sisters, Joanne and Kylie, and brother, Robert were with me at the time.

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Tanya Battel

As at June 2019, I am living with Stage IV incurable metastatic breast cancer. I am 55 years of age. I am an active and passionate lobbyist for voluntary assisted dying legislation in Australia and across the world.

In the absence of Voluntary Assisted Dying legislation in Queensland, in July 2019 I made application for an assisted death in Switzerland.  My application was approved via the Swiss “Green Light”.  I have always intended to travel to Switzerland when my treatment options no longer ‘contain’ the disease. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic that choice is not available at this time (June 2020).

This is my story.

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Marjorie and her mother

I held my mother's hand until her last breath. She had metastatic melanoma and had faded away to a skeleton. It was horrendous watching her and not being able to do anything to ease her suffering. Following this I nursed my bedridden husband for 18 months while he also, a former big-muscled man, faded away to a skeleton. I do not want to die like these much loved people.

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Chris Kable's mother

In January 2016 my mother was diagnosed with stage 5 peritoneal cancer - a type of cancer that was both inoperable and terminal. Initially her oncologist said that without chemotherapy she would have “weeks not months” to live, and that without chemotherapy, there was no hope that she would make her 60th wedding anniversary in January 2017.

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