UPDATE: Seven VIC Ministers, Premier Support VE Laws

UPDATE 2, 15 SEPTEMBER: Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has now joined seven of his senior ministers in publicly supporting calls for voluntary euthanasia legislation

Since publishing this story yesterday, five more Victorian Labor ministers have voiced their support for voluntary euthanasia legislation. This article from The Age has been updated. Thank you to everyone in Victoria who joined our campaign and emailed their local member!

Promising news has come from Victoria today, with two key Victorian politicians voicing their support for the introduction of voluntary euthanasia legislation.

The Age first reported that Health Minister Jill Hennessy announcing that she supports the legalisation of assisted dying, and that the parliament and Labor government had to look at the issue closely.

"I believe that as a government, and as a parliament we need to look at euthanasia very closely," Ms Hennessy told Fairfax Media. 

"Personally – and I believe personal experience plays a strong role in informing people's views on this issue – I support euthanasia."

"I also think it is clear community sentiment has shifted on this issue, and there is significant community debate around euthanasia at the moment."

The Age later reported that Treasurer Tim Pallas has joined Ms Hennessy in supporting the issue, saying people had the right to determine "the manner in which they pass."

"Those of us that have seen loved ones die in circumstances that are less than desirable, we don't want to see our lives defined by our passing, and everybody has a right to determine, where they can, the manner in which they pass," Mr Pallas said on Wednesday.

"This is a matter that we need to have a community debate about, we do need to recognise that this is an issue of conscience, and speaking from my conscience I believe it is time for that debate."

 This is wonderful news, and we applaud both Hennessy and Pallas for taking public stances on this issue.

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