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WA Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill

After almost three years of research, a cross-party parliamentary inquiry, an expert ministerial advisory panel, and countless public submissions, consultations and forums, the Western Australian government has tabled in parliament the WA Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill (2019).

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Take action NOW to convince your Upper House MPs to vote YES.


A personal letter to your MP has way more impact than an email. Keep it short and respectful. Stories from your own life are very powerful. If not, an email will still help.

WA politicians need to hear from you. Tell them you want this choice.

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This is a once in a generation opportunity to change the law. Take action NOW. Sign the petition to convince your MPs to vote YES. WA politicians need to hear from you. Tell them you want this choice.

Post your sheet back to us by 12 November.

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Support a better conversation around end of life choices.

There are many ways to donate to Go Gentle Australia and support our work.

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The Broken Hearted

In 2019, as the Western Australian parliament prepared to debate a Voluntary Assisted Dying law, filmmakers Juliet Lamont and Josh Raymond travelled across Western Australia, to hear stories of suffering at the end of life.

More than two dozen Western Australians courageously stepped forward to be heard.

Their message:

"What happened to us was cruel and unnecessary, and should never be allowed to happen again".

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Key Arguments

We don’t want to tell you what to write, but below are seven key arguments that may be helpful when addressing your local MP.

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Contact Your MP-Pack 

Download materials to contact your Upper House MPs, for Perth based and regional residents of WA. You'll also find a handy guide with Frequently Asked Questions.

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