I want to be able to choose.


Lynne_Wannan.jpgI have an incurable cancer and have been given a year or so to live. While I have never smoked I have lung cancer. I have had two years of chemo and radiotherapy and my life, and that of my family, has been on hold. We are all waiting for me to die so they can get on with their lives. It’s a cruel disease – any terminal or incurable disease is – as it takes away your normal life, your sense of future, hope and the normal thoughts of getting better, and while treatments are of course welcome, they are generally unpleasant and bring unpleasant side effects that make living not great.

I want to be able to choose a comfortable, stress-free way to die. I want to see people like me having the choice to not endure horrible last stage dying. I want my family to not have to watch me suffer through horrible last stage dying.

In the absence of legal euthanasia someone like me might have to kill myself earlier than I would choose, when I am still physically able to do whatever kills, so that no-one else is implicated. That is not the choice about dying I would want to make.

Lynne Wannan, AM