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ACT govt releases 'Listening Report' on VAD

The ACT government has released a summary of community and stakeholder feedback on how a voluntary assisted dying law should be delivered in the Territory.

The Listening Report for the voluntary assisted dying consultation summarises feedback received from a discussion paper and round of consultations conducted this year. It includes views from the community, health professionals and stakeholders.

More than 7,400 people visited the YourSay Conversation webpage and more than 2,900 people responded to a YourSay Panel survey. In addition, the government:

  • received 106 formal submissions
  • received 366 other contributions from community members sharing their perspectives
  • engaged with more than 300 stakeholders across eight roundtables, workshops, and meetings.

The government said overall responses supported the 'Australian model' of voluntary assisted dying (VAD), reflecting the approach taken in the six states that have already passed VAD laws. However, it left the door open for changes to timeframes, residency requirements and age limits.

Based on the feedback, the government will now develop a draft VAD bill to be introduced to parliament in late 2023.

Read the full report here

What is the Australian model of VAD?

  • Strict eligibility criteria
  • A thorough request process
  • Provision of support and information
  • Two health professionals involved in the process
  • Strict requirements for prescription
  • The option for healthcare professionals to object to taking part in the process
  • An independent oversight body

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