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Resources for journalists

This page is for journalists reporting on voluntary assisted dying and end-of-life choice in Australia. We can provide:
  • Case studies and personal stories from across Australia. If you see a story on our Testimonies page and you would like to speak to the person or family please get in touch
  • Doctors, nurses and experts on VAD and surrounding topics for interview
  • Top-line briefings on what is a nuanced and complex topic
For media enquiries

Please contact the Communications Director 0426 283 865 or [email protected]


Fast facts about assisted dying in Australia


#1 All six Australian states have passed voluntary assisted dying laws, with the Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory likely to follow. The ACT plans to debate a Bill in the second half of 2023.

#2 Voluntary assisted dying laws have been operating in Victoria since June 2019, Western Australia since July 2021, Tasmania since October 2022 and Queensland and South Australia since January 2023. The law in NSW will take effect in November 2023.  

#3 Australians strongly back voluntary assisted dying laws. Support runs at between 70 and 90% in most recent polls. 

#4 Voluntary assisted dying is only for terminally ill people in the final stages of their illness. It is voluntary for all involved, including participation by medical professionals. 

#5 Evidence from Victoria and Western Australia, where voluntary assisted dying laws have been operating for several years, shows the laws are operating safely, compassionately and as intended.

#6 Globally, more than 430 million people now have access to assisted dying laws in Europe, Canada, New Zealand, Colombia and 11 US states or districts.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to report on voluntary assisted dying  

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Glossary of terms  

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