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Podcasts, films & books

View and download Go Gentle’s range of podcasts, films and books for free by clicking the links below. If you require large print or physical copies of any books, please email [email protected] or call us on 0468 464 360



Better Off Dead

Follow Andrew Denton as he travels throughout Australia and the world to investigate why good people are dying bad deaths.

Season 1

Explore the stories, moral arguments and individual experiences behind voluntary assisted dying law reform.

Listen here


Season 2

Continue with Andrew as he deep dives into the operation of Victoria’s landmark voluntary assisted dying law.

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The Damage Done

Published in 2016 to mark the launch of Go Gentle Australia, The Damage Done tells the stories of the trauma and suffering experienced in the absence of voluntary assisted dying laws in Australia.

Download a free PDF here Purchase a hardcopy here





The Broken Hearted

In 2019, as Western Australia prepared to debate a Voluntary Assisted Dying law, filmmakers Juliet Lamont and Josh Raymond travelled across the state to document the stories of suffering at the end of life.

People courageously stepped forward to be heard. Their message: ‘What happened to us was cruel and unnecessary, and should never be allowed to happen again’.

This film contains distressing content around grief, loss and death. If you need support, call Lifeline on 13 11 14.



Fatal Fraud

Fatal Fraud is a case study about techniques used by opponents against evidence-based public policy initiatives. In this film, Andrew Denton explains with the help of leading experts how emotional manipulation, fear, framing and omission are deployed to sow fear, uncertainty and doubt in the minds of legislators and the public. 

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