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The law in your state

Every Australian state and the Australian Capital Territory has now legalised voluntary assisted dying, otherwise referred to as VAD. We expect the Northern Territory will move quickly to do the same.

Although all laws follow the broad 'Australian model' of VAD, there are some key differences in eligibility criteria and processes between each jurisdiction. Click on your state or territory to find out more.

States that have VAD
Territories soon to offer VAD
Territories without VAD


To use voluntary assisted dying in Australia, a person must be:


Diagnosed with an incurable disease, illness or medical condition that:

- is advanced, progressive and will cause death within 6-12 months (depending on your disease)
- is causing suffering that cannot be relieved in a manner the person finds tolerable

Capable of making decisions about their medical treatment and communicate those decisions throughout the assessment process

Acting freely and without coercion

Aged 18+

An Australian citizen or permanent resident who has lived in your chosen state for at least 12 months


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