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We believe in the power of choice

Go Gentle empowers people to choose the end-of-life care that is right for them, including the option of voluntary assisted dying. We amplify the voices of dying people to ensure their decisions are heard and respected.


We work nationally with all stakeholders to

Pass, defend and improve voluntary assisted dying laws

Ensure access to quality voluntary assisted dying support and services

Remove stigma and normalise voluntary assisted dying as an end-of-life choice


To do this, we

   Advocate for accessible, person-centred voluntary assisted dying laws in every Australian state and territory

•   Amplify the voices of dying people, families and carers

•   Empower people to know their end-of-life options and make informed choices

   Identify and document gaps in care for dying Australians

   Support health professionals and systems to integrate voluntary assisted dying choice into care provision


Belinda smiles at the camera as she walks to Perth's parliament house, followed by a crowd holding a banner that reads 'give me the choice not to suffer'

About Go Gentle

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