Quick links to VAD legislation around Australia; how it works, and where to find more information.

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A collection of links and tools so you can educate and equip yourself, your family and the people around you with the means to have a better conversation about death and dying.

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Featured Content from Go Gentle Australia



Better Off Dead Season 1 and 2

5 Years ago, over 18 months, Andrew Denton travelled throughout Australia and across the world to investigate why good people are dying bad deaths in Australia – and why there is no assisted dying law to help them.

Now, in season 2 Andrew Denton investigates the stories behind Victoria’s landmark Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) law: Who seeks to use it, and why? Who are the doctors stepping forward to help them? And how does the Church continue to resist a law it describes as ‘evil’?

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Fatal Fraud

A film about a film, Fatal Fraud is a case study about techniques used by opponents against evidence-based public policy initiatives.

In this film, Andrew Denton explains with the help of leading experts how emotional manipulation, fear, framing and omission are deployed to sow Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt in the minds of legislators and the public. 

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The Broken Hearted

In 2019, more than two dozen Western Australians courageously stepped forward to tell their stories of needless suffering in the absence of an assisted dying law. Their message: ‘What happened to us was cruel and unnecessary, and should never be allowed to happen again’.

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The Damage Done

Written by sons, daughters, husbands, wives, partners, and friends, as well as the dying themselves, The Damage Done details trauma and suffering on a staggering scale in the absence of VAD laws in Australia.

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Dying to Know Day Webinars

Dying To Know Day (August 8th) is an annual day of action dedicated to bringing to life conversations and community actions around death, dying and bereavement.

This year, Go Gentle Australia hosted two webinars Voluntary Assisted Dying - Everything you wanted to know (but were too scared to ask)
and Living a full life while planning for death.