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Voluntary assisted dying in Australia

Laws to allow voluntary assisted dying, sometimes called voluntary euthanasia or medical assistance to die, have passed in all six states – with the territories expected to follow suit. By the end of 2023, all state laws will be operating. These pages explain Australia's laws, answer your questions and share the experiences of those at the centre of voluntary assisted dying.


Tell us your experiences of voluntary assisted dying to help us improve the laws and end-of-life care around Australia.

The law in your state

Every Australian state has now passed a voluntary assisted dying law. Click here to find out more about the legislation and its requirements where you live.


Explore latest news and updates about voluntary assisted dying and euthanasia laws in Australia and around the world.

Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible for voluntary assisted dying in Australia? Is it the same as euthanasia? Can I die at home? We answer these frequently asked questions and more.

Glossary of terms

Not sure what a term means? Go Gentle Australia have created this glossary to help explain some of the main concepts around voluntary assisted dying and end of life in the Australian context.

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