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Dying to Know Day Webinar 2023

Not either/or: Palliative care and voluntary assisted dying

What is palliative care? What is voluntary assisted dying? How can the two work together to offer terminally ill people and their families comfort and choice at the end of life? Go Gentle Australia CEO Dr Linda Swan joins palliative care and voluntary assisted dying professionals to answer your questions.

This webinar is produced for Dying to Know Day, an annual event that empowers all adult Australians to be strong self-advocates and improve their knowledge around choices for their end-of-life.

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Dr Linda Swan

Dr Linda Swan, Go Gentle Australia CEO


Dr Sarah Pickstock

Dr Sarah Pickstock, Palliative Care Medicine Specialists and VAD practitioner, WA

Dr Rohan Vora Dr Rohan Vora, Palliative Care Medicine Specialist and VAD practitioner, QLD
Sandi Olney Sandi Olney, palliative care clinical nurse consultant, VIC