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New documentary exposes Canadian film's anti-VAD tactics

A new documentary released to Western Australian MPs has exposed the covert tactics adopted by the anti-VAD lobby to sow fear, uncertainty and doubt in the minds of politicians debating voluntary assisted dying laws.

Produced by Go Gentle Australia, Fatal Fraud tackles head on the techniques used by opponents to convince MPs to decide “Not this Bill” when considering VAD legislation.

The release coincides with the visit to Western Australia of Canadian filmmaker Kevin Dunn, whose film Fatal Flaws is the centrepiece of anti-VAD activism.

Fatal Flaws is a very clever piece of propaganda,” said Go Gentle's CEO Kiki Paul.

“While it purports to be a documentary exploring the truth, it does not show a balanced view. It fails to disclose the full story about its ‘experts’, what motivates them and how they are connected.

“It has been shown to MPs, our Western Australian elected representatives, in an effort to influence the current debate about Voluntary Assisted Dying laws,” Ms Paul said.

Already news outlets have lifted at least one misleading story from Kevin Dunn’s film that showcases a young woman who would not even be eligible for assisted dying under WA’s proposed law or any other assisted dying law proposed in this country.

The Go Gentle film unmasks these propaganda techniques. In it, Andrew Denton explains with the help of leading experts how emotional manipulation, fear, framing and omission are deployed.

One of the experts, Professor Ben White from the Australian Centre for Health Law Research at the Queensland University of Technology, will fly to Perth to engage with WA MPs to explain the importance of relying on evidence-based arguments.

“Voluntary Assisted Dying is a serious public health issue that the vast majority of Western Australians support and the debate is being corrupted by propaganda tactics of people like Kevin Dunn,” Ms Paul said.

"Western Australians deserve to know the truth about this film and the people behind it."

The Go Gentle film is available for viewing online

A high definition version can be supplied.

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