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Lawrie Daniel: In Memoriam

Lawrie Daniel, who featured in episode 15 of the Better Off Dead podcast, died on Sunday September 25 after many years fighting against the cruel erosion of his Multiple Sclerosis.

The love and mutual respect he shared with his wife Rebecca was as powerful as it was beautiful. His decision to leave both her, and the children he adored, Darcy and Bertie, underscores the depth of incurable suffering that he was facing.

Lawrie was not someone who could have been helped by palliative care. That he was forced to leave his family in secret, without sharing his plans or saying farewell, is an indictment of our laws which gave him no choice.

These were Lawrie’s closing words in the podcast:

"People are suffering. People can't wait for this. I can, but there's others who are in desperate circumstances who would love to avail themselves of this tomorrow if they could."

Lawrie Daniel was a good man fighting for the rights of other good men and women. We will redouble our efforts not to let him down.

You can download Lawrie's letter to the NSW Coroner here, or read it below.

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