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Supporting & defending VAD laws

All six states now have a Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) law in place that offers dying people a choice about how much they must suffer at the end of life.
Their passing marks a transformation in end-of-life care in Australia -- a revolution in medical practice, and an evolution in our compassion as a society.
However, the work is not over:

  • Terminally ill people in the Northern Territory and the ACT are still denied choice. We are working on the restoration of Territories' rights to legislate their own VAD laws.
  • The hard-won right of VAD cannot be taken for granted. This is not just speculation. Here are the words of one of Australia’s leading anti-VAD, anti-choice lobby groups sent in an email in May 2022:
    The work of dismantling these laws, state by state, begins today. We will not stop until we have overturned them all, restoring our country to one that values every human being as possessing inalienable dignity, value and worth.*
  • The community, including medical professionals, needs support to access and provide VAD choice. 

Go Gentle is prepared for this crucial next stage, but we need your support.

* HOPE newsletter 12 May 2022

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